How do you define content and who is responsible?
Content is what makes your site unique. Not all agents provide content. We have standard content for buyers and sellers that we can use. You can work on developing and enriching your content, after the site launch, if necessary. Good, fresh content helps with visitor engagement and is important for SEO. We customize your site to make it distinct for your business. All custom content (like Bio, community information) is provided by you*.

*If you are interested in having content written for you, we have content writers. Please let your designer know which content you will need written and you will be given a quote for any custom content.

Content Guide: What makes for great content?

What is your niche? Is it luxury, equestrian, condo expert, short sales, seniors, etc…

Why should someone hire you and your team?

Neighborhood/Community Information (text, videos, images)

Anything that is unique to you as a real estate agent (Were you a contractor and have a unique skill when guiding buyers in the new home construction process?)

How important is this design session?

The design session is very important. We will build your site based on the notes that we take from the call. We are very specific on color and essence. We ask lots of questions and take very detailed notes on layout, calls to action and intended content. The next business day after our design session, you will get an grid form of the site layout and homework list. Your website customization will be created based on the design session. If something was misinterpreted from our call, please alert your designer asap.

We strive for a smooth design process. The design session is the most important interaction you will have with your Agent Site Branding designer. Once the site is complete and you wish to make further design changes there is a hourly rate of $85/hr. Since our designers are experienced, we have found this extra hourly rate is rare and for changes to the design layout that alter the code structure.

Will I be able to add update items, like new headshot, new team member bio, etc after the build out is complete?

Absolutely, you will still maintain the control over your sites that you currently have with Placester. For our customized packages, you will need to contact us to change out any images on the customized homepage (reasonable fees apply).

Do you provide further support once the site is complete?

Agent Site Branding Placester customization and enhancement packages are a build out service. We create, you market and drive traffic to your site through your marketing plan. After our customization, each agent/team is responsible to market the site as they choose. We are available for a marketing plan consult, fees would apply.

What fees should I expect?
As a Certified Placester Partner, Agent Site Branding charges a one-time fee for customization service, for the PRO and PREMIUM packages. You will need a subscription to Placester. Placester pricing can be found on the Placester website. Agent Site Branding fees are all non-refundable.

Wow, I have to have all of this ready before the design call?

We will send you a homework list and notes from our design call on the following business day. You will then have the opportunity to get your information together, while you are working and driving your business. We prefer to use a shared Dropbox folder and will send you a link for your homework items. It will take some organization to send in your homework information. If possible, please turn in all items within a week of our design call. If you need longer, that is also fine. We will start working on your site once we have about 70% of your info turned into us and are committed to a timely launch within 12 – 14 business days. We are committed to making the design process a smooth one.

Do you offer any services other than Placester customization?

Yes! Agent Site Branding offers Custom WordPress IDX Websites, social media management, social media branding, logo design, blog and content services, marketing strategy sessions, and consulting. We are a full service design agency. We offer fully custom websites, as well as, one on one training and large group seminars. If you’re unsure with the best path to take, rest assured, we will help guide you to the best path for your business plan.