Intellectual Property – Creative Insight Incorporated and/or “ASB” and/or DBA Agent Site Branding

By utilizing this platform, the agent/user (or representatives hired by the user’s third-party company) implicitly commits to conforming to the stipulated policies and definitions, irrespective of their awareness of this declaration. Upon accessing this or any website developed by Agent Site Branding, you acknowledge and assume accountability for any consequences arising from your activities on the website via the provided admin and/or editor tools. In the event that ASB/Agent Site Branding is required for the site’s restoration, the associated restoration costs shall be borne by the agent/user.

DEFINITIONS: For the purposes of this Agreement the following definitions apply:

A. “Creative Insight Incorporated Intellectual Property” shall mean the Creative Insight Incorporated’s (DBA Agent Site Branding) platform, systems, processes, marketing materials and any and all improvements or derivative works or other modifications of any of the foregoing, and other technology, trade secrets, trademarks and other intellectual property owned or controlled by Creative Insight Incorporated as of the date of this Agreement or through development, in-licensing or other means independent of this Agreement.

B. “Creative Insight Incorporated and/or ASB/Agent Site Branding Platform” shall mean Creative Insight Incorporated’s technology platform that enables users to build, grow and manage their real estate business online and includes, without limitation, tools to build real estate websites, to manage leads, to nurture prospects with digital marketing campaigns, to manage online advertising and to otherwise optimize marketing efforts.

C. “Creative Insight Incorporated AKA ASB/Agent Site Branding Platform Interface Materials” shall mean development-related tools, solutions or methods, code, configuration information, or other development-related materials and information, including, without limitation, user manuals and documentation, in either printed or electronic form and information and materials found on the Creative Insight Incorporated (and DBA companies) system and platform, and any and all improvements, derivative works and other modifications to any of the foregoing, in each case, as provided or made accessible by or on behalf of Creative Insight Incorporated to user from time-to-time in connection with this Agreement.