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When we are consulting with clients and in my tech training classes in offices around the nation, we are asked many times daily, a burning question that everyone wants to know. "What can I do to have my site on the top of the search results with Google?" Our answer is the same again and again. To achieve great search results, you have to have 2 main things. First, you have to have a website that is well-built for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Second, you have to market your website once it is launched. This is where the divide begins...wider than the continental divide! Some try their hand by adding in a few links and a bit of content and a little ineffective meta data. Some try hard and put good blog content on their site. Rarely, do you have someone that "has it all". Those are the ones that Google will reward. To rise to the top, you have to have a site that is hyper focused on your area and is very geo-specific, with great content. Agent Site Branding can help you with that! We build all of our sites with a few key things in mind when we are customizing a Placester website for our client. We focus on a dynamic home page, with strategic calls to action. Our team is skilled at maximizing the use of geo-specific terms and information that result in a site that is effective and hyper-local to your market. We educate our clients on how and why they should market their website, once we launch their site. We consult with them, when needed, to uncover strategies on what is the best marketing path for their team and market.

Don’t Wait – Rock Your Placester Site Now – eAgentC slated for removal

Keller Williams Agents in the US have a unique opportunity to ignite their lead generation. Keller Williams Realty International has an agreement with Placester to provide their agents with a new Placester website. The sites are easy to use for the agent and visitor. Agent Site Branding, a partner in the Certified Placester Partner Program, has been creating fully customized Placester web designs for Keller Williams agents, across the USA. The response has been astounding. Agent Site Branding uses their years of experience in real estate web design, SEO content to create dynamic and revolutionary Placester web designs for their clients.

eAgentC, an older platform which Keller Williams Agents and Market Centers have been using, is slated to be removed and will no longer be supported. It is widely speculated that the end date will be December 31st, 2016.

Agent Site Branding encourages all agent levels, new agent to Mega Teams and Market Centers to get started. We can migrate your current content over to your new site, without hassle or extra fees. We don’t want to see you wait to the last minute and not have the online presence you deserve. Our team is ready to serve you.
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